Project Portfolio

RMP’s mission is to conceive and develop innovative power projects that enable an increased penetration of renewables into the energy mix.

The greatest value is achieved when transmission, generation and storage technologies are combined to form an integrated renewable energy solution.

Power Transmission
Traditionally, local utilities have developed and owned the electrical transmission network. But today, competition in the power industry and the need for interregional solutions are creating opportunities for the development of merchant transmission projects.

Power Generation
RMP’s power generation activities are focused on the development of renewable energy in Western Canada. The benefits of increased deployment of renewable energy include a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and air contaminants (including SOX, NOX and mercury). Renewable generation projects include run-of-river, wind and solar technologies.

Power Storage
Incorporating larger amounts of wind and solar power into the energy mix requires continued innovation to improve efficiencies and mitigate interconnection problems associated with the intermittent nature of these power sources.

RMP believes advances in utility-scale energy storage technologies will enable higher penetration of renewable energy and will provide significant market opportunities for integration of storage solutions. RMP’s storage solutions include a portfolio of technologies including batteries, compressed air energy storage (CAES) and pumped storage hydro (PSH).

The RMP project portfolio currently consists of the following projects:

Albert Saskatchewan Intertie Storage (ASISt)

Saskatchewan-Alberta Tie Line Project (SATL)

Qu'Appelle Dam Hydro Project (QDHP)