Saskatchewan-Alberta Tie Line Project

The Saskatchewan-Alberta Tie Line (SATL) will be a state-of-the-art power transmission facility located in the Lloydminster region.  The facility will enable 150MW of bidirectional power flow between North America’s eastern and western grid systems.  SATL will sell transmission capacity under long-term agreements to power traders, generators and users (load).  In addition, SATL will sell a range of ancillary services to local systems operators.  The project’s in-service date is planned for March 2016.

Rocky Mountain Power partnered with LECTRIX, LLC to perform a pre-development / fatal flaw assessment of the SATL project. LECTRIX and the RMP management team have previously worked together to perform the initial development work for the Montana-Alberta Tie Line (MATL) project.

Based on the positive results of the pre-development studies, RMP and LECTRIX created the project company SATL Inc. for the sole purpose of developing the SATL project.  RMP is the project development lead and the majority owner in SATL Inc.

saskatchewan-albeta tie line project

HVDC Converter Station courtesy of ABB

The SATL project consists of three phases

1. 150 MW converter station
2. Additional 150 MW converter station
3. Integration of a portfolio of utility-scale storage technologies

SATL will generate benefits to the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the systems operators (AESO and SaskPower) as well as industry players and ratepayers.  The integration of storage technologies will provide increased operational flexibility to manage the integration of greater renewable resources into both provinces.

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